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It is getting close to delivery since baby is getting ready in a lot ways, but that still seems far, or in the case of early arrival.
To deal with your newborn, you should be busy figuring out how health insurance for your newborn, and even installing an infant car seat onto your car is getting familiarize.
Week 32 fetus has perhaps already positioned into head-down position or will turn soon.

Size of your week 32 Baby?

Your big baby is now growing strong about at the size of a squash measuring about 16.7 inches and weighing at about 3.8 pounds.


As you are excited about baby’s arrival, heartburn and contractions will be getting more noticeable.

1. Braxton Hicks contractions more often.

The preparation of delivery is getting frequent and stronger by practicing contraction which often mistaken as cramping.

2. Darker aerolas.

Your aerolas is getting darker at breastfeeding is getting ready for your baby, expected leaking is normal.

3. Breath shortage.

Do not worry because your baby is getting enough air, but you are not due to inside there is getting crowded, so ensure to not put too much stress to yourself.

4. Heartburn.

Heartburn or acid reflux is getting normal, thus you are safe to get an antacid.

5. Increased discharge.

The increase increased discharge is showing that your pregnancy is healthy and is getting prepared for delivery, thus it will prevents itself from infection.
But you must take note if the mucus is thick, too gooey, or bloody consistency covers the cervix until a few days or just hours before delivery, when your body expels it.
Another thing to aware is if you notice a gush of fluid constantly discharge, then your water might have broken, slow leak also to aware and immediately call your obsteritian or hospital to ready.


Belly measurements should be about 30 to 34 centimeters from the top of the uterus to the pelvic bone.
There are cases that this week 32 and around week 34 will have baby who drop  from up near your ribs to down to near your pelvis, and will positioned in the head-down position until delivery.

This feeling feels like carrying high to low usually when is very near to labor.


Baby's is preparing for coming out, its best known position is head-down position now and perhaps feeling even more cramped.

This week you should have pregnancy checkup because a lot of obstetrician like to monitor their patients about every other week during this stages of pregnancy.

Still there are no pregnant ultrasound this week unless your pregnancy is complicated or doctor need to check anything specific especially twins.

You should be happy and excited since now is just weeks away from having to look at your baby.

Reference CC: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sally-aidan/3766786401

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