2nd Week of Pregnancy, The Symptoms, Growth and Pregnancy Care Tips.

The first 2 weeks of pregnancy can be the very exciting news yet new signs are now begin to appear.

This 2nd week pregnancy may experience some symptoms of tender breasts, nausea, dizziness, and drowsiness.

After pregnancy was tested, pregnant mom should begin focusing on improving her lifestyle and dietary habits since it is very important for baby’s growth.

2nd Week Of Pregnancy Baby Fetus Growth.

2 of the most important in 46 chromosomes are the X chromosome and the Y chromosome.
These 2 chromosomes are known as important definition of your baby’s gender.

All of the egg has an X chromosome while in the other hand the sperm can be either an X or a Y chromosome.

If your sperm is X chromosome fertilizes the egg, you’ll have a girl. If the sperm Y chromosome fertilizes the egg, then you will obtain a baby boy.

Baby’s gender was decided during the moment of fertilization, but can only know the baby’s gender around mid-pregnancy at week 16 to 20.

At this stage, baby is called an embryo, which consists of 150 cells that then started to split up into 3 layers.

Now Here Is The Breakdown Of Each Layer And What It Will Transforms Into.

1st Layer.

Is known as the internal layer, and also known as the endoderm or endoblast.
That will becomes the baby’s digestive system and respiratory tract, which includes glands like the pancreas, thyroid, liver and thymus.

2nd Layer.

2nd layer is known as the middle layer and called as the mesoderm.

This 2nd layer mesoderm will becomes the baby’s bones, cartilage, circulatory system, inner skin layer, muscles, genitalia, excretory system, and outer covering.

3rd Layer.

Is known as the outer layer, and also named as the ectoderm or ectoblast.
That will become baby’s nervous system, the brain, and the epidermis, which includes the baby’s skin, nails, and hair.
During this time of transformation, the embryo basically floats within the uterus and was protected by the secretions of the uterus lining.

The baby in this 2nd week was still very very small at the size of only 0.1 to 0.2 mm long.

Your Body Changes Will Be Discovered.

It is time to say goodbye to your menstrual period for the next nine months.
So, your menstrual will not have another one until after the baby is born.

The uterus is also increasing its production of endometrium that makes a healthy environment for baby to implant.

Pregnancy Care Tips.

Pregnant mom should do their best during this stage in order to change any negative habits that she may have.

It is very important in quitting bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and drugs which is very important to protect a healthy pregnancy growth, a healthy birth, and a healthy baby.

Confidently, it is best that this is a planned pregnancy, which you have already removed these habits, or never been your habit.

For nutritional aspect, the most important prenatal vitamins, as well as increased natural foods for important nutrients such as folic acid, vitamin B6, fiber, calcium, protein and iron source.

You should set appointment with your obstetrician on scheduled basis by which you must discuss the bad habits if any there are during your pregnancy.


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