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You are now entering the third trimester, since 27 week is the 1st week of third trimester. So in this week 28, it is common that you can’t sleep during the middle of the night, however doing something relax can help you solve the problem.
Eventhough you think that by vacuuming the house is normal, but it is not advice, so you should get your husband to help you out if you have any difficult task especially during this time.
You should also be nesting during this time by listening to music that is soothing, read books, and drink some tea and rest more.

What is the size of my Baby at 28 Weeks Pregnant?

In this week 28, you baby is the size of an eggplant which the layers of fat will be formed, and your baby is now measured at about 14.8 inches from head to toe and weighing at about  2.2 pounds.
If you are now week 28, then you are in the six months of pregnancy, which even yourself are hard to believe that you’ve made it this far already.


Having Hard Time Sleeping.

As time gets closer to the delivery date, you are more likely to have trouble getting sleep which means that your hormone and nerve cause.

Hardness to Breath.

Since your baby is growing at fast pace and may had unnoticeably crowded your lungs and diaphragm, this makes your system is getting harder to breath, however do not push too hard on anything and must take breaks.

Pain and Ache Especially Lower back.

Your baby is now getting heavier and heavier, so you can try to wear a maternity support belt to relieve the pains if you walks or stand a lot.

Braxton Hicks Contractions.

This contraction are getting stronger each day, and even happening noticeable or occasionally since your body are getting ready for labor.
But if you had notice pain had continued getting closer together, and switch positions as you are sleeping, but if severe means that you could be in preterm labor and immediately call for obstetrician as soon as possible.

Leaky Breast.

Since your breasts was now producing milk, a yellowish liquid called colostrum, and leaking of these may happened.


Week 28 pregnant belly will measure fundal height by obstetrician based on prenatal appointment.
The fundal height means measurement of pregnancy that locates at distance from your pubic bone to the top of your uterus will gives your measurement of 26 to 30cm.
This measurement helps verify your baby’s growth is right on track and also place in a right position, because you may need to know if in the position of breech or sideways can be measured.
Most doctors suggest you to jote down the kick counts at 28 weeks, since you can know how often baby’s movement and known if the movements are consistent from day to day basis.

What You Need:

Simply pick a time of day and set a timer, what you should do is notice how long it takes to get to 10 fetal movements, guideline is should be less than 2 hours.
The next day will also at about the same approximated time, by doing the same thing.
You should be recording the time everyday, and then you can calculate the average range for your baby’s movement.
This helps you to assure that if your baby is doing well in there, if else you noticed anything seems inconsistent based on your result, tell your doctor as soon.


In this week your baby had develop more fat,  so it is usual that the wrinkly skin is now begins to turn much more smoother like newborn.
Baby is now also practice breathing and the matured lungs is enough to know if he or she were healthy for delivery.
As your baby gets bigger, he or she also becomes smarter because it only takes few more final touches to be complete before is ready to come out.
In this 28 weeks pregnancy, you will begin to see your OB 2 times per month or every 2 weeks.
If you baby is not complicate, then no ultrasound for this week.
It is eye catchy to peek a boo for your baby as week goes by, but there is no need to have more than a few ultrasounds in pregnancy.

Only for those who have reason to keep close look into your baby with extra carefulness.

You should be patient now and your baby was progressing and getting ready to be looking you and it is really eye opening and happy to take care your beautiful newborn baby.

Keep in mind that you should be counting your baby’s kick as mentioned, this is important.

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