You actual motherhood is getting closer because your beginning of 3rd trimester is very close and your baby is doing just fine, but you could be at kind of a mess.

Your baby this week is going to suit him or herself towards the outside world environment.

So, What is the size of your Baby in this 24 Weeks?

You baby is now about the size of a cantaloupe, weighing at about 11.8-inch while measuring at about 1.3 pounds.


1. Constipation

Hormone of pregnancy will affect your intestinal muscles to relax which makes your digestive system process takes longer time, this allows your nutrients to be absorb by your baby.

However slow digestive system will cause constipation, or hard to poop, thus you should drink a lot of water and fiber foods to soften your stool.

2. Headache

Headaches or migraines are considered severe and can be linked with nausea or vision changes when they last for many days.
You medical practitioner will need to know what you had eaten that triggers and can pin point what you should avoid them for.

3. Lower Abdominal Pain.

As your baby fetus inside your uterus keeps getting bigger, your ligaments that helps to support the stretch can cause some pain.

If the lower abdominal pain if it is rare then it is normal, but if the pain comes with symptoms like fever, chills or bleeding must requires immediate consult with your practitioner.

4. Leg Cramps

You may begin to experience more leg cramps by this time, so try straightening leg and gently have your ankle flexing and toes upwards towards your shins direction for repeated times can stop the cramp spasm.

5. Blurred Vision

Decrease tear production due to pregnancy hormone can affect eye irritation, which only will temporarily change your vision.

6. Swollen Feet & Ankles

Fluid retention is common during pregnancy affecting swollen feet and ankles, so you can cure this by elevating your legs while sitting.


You should be able to feel your baby kicking obviously for at least a few weeks, this proves that they are becoming much more stronger.

When your partner touches your belly, he could have beginning to feel those kicking reaction soon too.

The suggested weight gain for this week 24 is about 14 to 16 pounds (6.35-7.26kg) for pregnant mom who are at the BMI of normal weight.

But if you had gained a bit more than as stated above, do not worry since slowly adjust your diet to ensure that your weight gain is under control.

If you are carrying for twin , then the recommended weight gain is 24 pounds by now which can helps to reduced your risk of preterm labor.


In this 24 weeks pregnant belly, your baby is now growing in progress.

Where his or her see through skin is getting more solid, fresh, glow pinkness,because of the healthy formation of small capillaries.

You doctor this week will do a Glucose Screening Test a prenatal tests to check if you have any risk of gestational diabetes, blood drawn will be tested to see how sugar processed in your body.

Abnormal test results are require to do a follow-up test of glucose tolerance and your doctor will then consult you on how to ensure your condition was check for a healthy pregnancy.

Healthy Pregnancy Care Tips.

You are thinking about traveling, then you are good to go as long as your pregnancy is healthy and allowed until month 8, still have to get your doctor’s advice about flying.

Some studies had shown that pregnant moms who hired the help of doulas are known to be less likely to require C-sections, inductions and pain relief, because most of these early assisted pregnancy, will give births faster with a lesser complications.

When should you call your doctor?
When you notice vaginal bleeding,
Severe swelling feet and ankle,
Severe abdominal pain,
fast weight gain due to preeclampcia,
severe itchiness,
lesser baby kicks than usual,
a gush of fluid down there caused by water has broken to call your doctor immediately.


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