In this week 23 which is the 6th month of pregnancy, your baby is not just getting bigger, he or she's getting even cuter, but even starting to look more like the shape of a new-born baby.

Your baby’s movement sense was well developed now, which can even feel you dancing.

Since the blood vessels inside baby’s lungs are growing to prepare for breathing, so the sounds that your baby has been increasingly stronger to pick up by ears are get ready to adapt into the outside world.

As louder noises now had become familiar to you baby, for example sound of dog barking or the vacuum cleaner may perhaps won't surprise him or her heard them.


Even though your first trimester’s symptoms such as nausea and fatigue may begin to disappear, but the in this 23 weeks of pregnancy symptoms can occurs such as.

1. Swollen Ankles And Feet.

With a little bit of swollen on your ankle and feet is in fact normal, since you can soothing the pain by putting your feet up as much as you can, or take a regular walks, drink plentiful of water helps lessen the pain too.

However, if you experience extreme or sudden swelling, call your doctor immediately since it can be a sign of a dangerous pregnancy problem, called as preeclampsia.

2. Braxton Hicks Contractions.

This is an entirely weird sensation where it is your first time noticing your belly getting very tight, muscles is flexing in order to prepare for labor.

You should not worry the pain as long as they go away quickly, which may come and go during pregnancy stages, so drink plentiful of water and change positions every so often to stay comfortable.

3. Backaches.

You can expect to experience the persistent backaches, since with your baby is growing bigger while beginning to bend your spine and stress your back muscles, which are common especially with twins.

However, if you experience sharp back pain, which should be a concern, so inform your obstetrician if it really hurts.

4. Bleeding, Or Swollen Gums.

With your increasing blood flow due to pregnancy hormones, your gums can happen to occurs to swell and bleed.

If you feeling more sensitive in your mouth than usual, then you should change to a soft bristle toothbrush and also flossing with tender love care.

You should follow your normal dental exam routine, since your dentist may want to do extra checks during pregnant, but must avoid X-rays at all cost.

5. Increase In Appetite.

In order curb your increasing appetite, ensure to keep easy access healthy snack foods around to avoid eating bags of chips or candy bar.

6. Nasal Congestion & Snoring.

With nasal congestion increasing is a common symptoms, snoring is to be expected disrupt your partner’s sleep, thus you can sleep with a humidifier or nasal strips to help ease snoring.

7. Colostrum Production.

Another noticeable symptom breasts begins to leak a thin kind of yellowish fluid called colostrum, is a sign where breast milk that will be in production..

Colostrum is the first milk your baby will get that packs with high protein yet less fat and sugar than more mature breast milk, which is easier for baby to digest in the first few days after birth.

8. Frequent Urination.

Since your uterus is locating right on your bladder, you may begin to urinate much often.


How Big Is Baby at 23 Weeks Pregnant? In this week 23 pregnancy, your baby is as big as the size of a grapefruit and was measures at 11.4 inches from head to foot, while weighing at about 1.1 pounds.

Your baby is almost a foot long, where was finally able to be weighed in pounds.
A usual weeks 23 pregnant belly was measured from the pubic bone to the top of the uterus with about 21 to 25cm fundal height.

If you are weighing with normal B.M.I., then you are probably gaining at about 12 to 15 pounds, while for pregnancy with twins, should gained at least 23 pounds can reduce risk of preterm labor.

This week your baby movement perhaps makes you feels comfort knowing that baby is awesomely wiggling around in there.

You may notice that by focusing on your 23 week foetus’s routine, will get less active when sleeping while is kicking, or actively moving noticeably when awake.


In this week 23 pregnancy stages, your baby fetus is forming its little nipples.

Your little fetus’s cute face is fully formed; just need more time to gain the little extra fat in order to fill it out.

Baby fetus now will begin to entertain by listening to your voice and your heartbeat, while can even listen to some of the loud sounds such as cars honking and dogs barking.

You are now going to your obstetrician only once a month right now, so you may not have a doctor’s appointment or a 23 weeks pregnant ultrasound, since you may be done with your genetic testing.

Only during the third trimester, you will begin to get busier with appointments for seeing your doctor much often for every other week.

By third trimester, you will begin to experience less energetic as you do now, this is why you should utilize this time to get things done.

Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy.

If you haven’t yet used stay hydrated, then begin to drink sufficient water (8 glasses a day) as you routine habit to avoid headaches, uterine cramping, and urinary tract infections.

Urine that is pale yellow or almost clear color is a sign of sufficient hydration, but if you notice your urine color of bright yellow or orange-brown is a clear sign of dehydration.
Products known as pregnancy teas, made with red raspberry leaf are linked to promote with healthy pregnancies and deliveries.

When To Call The Doctor.

As you are urinating much often, but if you notice that you’re starting to leak a little due to laughing or coughing, or restraint urinating for too long time.

Even though it is uncommon at this stage, but it is possible that chance of some leakage may be amniotic fluid and not urine, due to when the membrane of the amniotic sac surrounding the baby ruptures.

This also refers to what you probably listen of, where some pregnancy experience water broke.

Normally during labor, pregnant women want that amniotic sac to rupture in order to help move the birth along. If it rupture too early, this may happen much too early.

This is why it is important if you ever notice feeling like a gush, or a flow of fluid, then call your doctor or 911 immediately.

The rupture of amniotic fluid is usually odourless, this is why if you realise even a small amount of leakage that does not smell, or look like urine, then must call your healthcare provider immediately.

You should get a home blood pressure monitor in order to keep an eye if you notice sharp jump in your blood pressure, this could be a sign of preeclampsia, a very serious pregnancy complication to call your healthcare provider as soon.


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