This is another week that you are getting more crowded in there, since your fast growing baby is occupying your space.

Even though you might feel tough to catch your breath, but baby fetus was expanding your belly so fast at week 22 which leads you having some stretch marks.

This is why it is a great time for you to keep this as a memory by capturing your beautiful and big pregnant belly, by scheduling this good time for a maternity portrait session or professional photos.


1. Stretch Scars.

The stretch marks are due to your skin stretches so fast & so much until it actually tears below the surface, but they will fade away in color after delivery, which will be much less noticeable.

2. Belly Button.

If you have an innie belly button, it basically will gone inside out making you suddenly has an outie.

Though it can be a weird feeling for someone, but your outie belly button will go back to an innie after delivery.

3. Increased Libido.

Some pregnant mom will experience an increase in libido around 22 weeks, due to spikes in your hormonal level at this point, which is safe for couples to enjoy during this time.

4. Increased Discharge.

If you experience increase in discharge, but don’t worry since it is just the reason of increased blood flow down there.

5. Swollen Hand or Feet.

Increase in the amount of fluids in your body during pregnancy may cause minor swelling which is totally normal which will then be lessen much as soon as baby is born.

If you experience severe or sudden swelling, it is not normal and consults doctor immediately, since it can be due to complication of preeclampsia, causing super swollen.

6. Back Pain.

Because extra pressure from baby and the extra weight carrying, backache especially lower back pain is common.

By using a heating pad, simple prenatal massage, or place body pillow while sleeping can help to lessen the pain.

7. Hair Growth.

Many pregnant moms have unwanted hair on their face, arms or legs and even some follicles on breasts, stomachs or backs, which you may not do much to prevent this growth, that are cause of pregnancy hormones and increased cortisone.
However, they will usually goes away within six months after pregnancy.

8. Catching Breath.

Baby’s growing progress is fast in size and crowding your lungs, thus you may feel tough to breathe at sometimes.

If you are doing exercising, do not take it too far, be sure to take a break right away appropriately.


Usually the fundal height at 22 weeks pregnant belly is measures at approximately 20 to 24cm from pelvic bone to the top of the uterus.

Your suitable or healthy weight gain can base on the guideline in playlist at the end of this video.

Your pregnancy doctor or obstetrician perhaps is telling you to base on a slow and steady weight gain, by eating with addition about 300 extra calories per day if your B.M.I. is at average weight.


In this week 22, your baby is about the size of a coconut, where most baby what measured at 10.9 inches (28cm), measure from the crown of the head to the heel of the foot, while weighing at about 15.2 ounces (0.43 kg).

This is going to be your 4 months and around 4 weeks pregnant, which as soon as week 22 of pregnancy ends; you are officially five months pregnant.

So your baby’s eyes and lips are getting more in shape and keep developing, and now are looking even more like a new-born.

Baby is actually sleeping in cycles at around 12 to 14 hours per day, thus during these time you may not be feeling any kicks.

This is the week (18 to 22 weeks) where you should be performing mid-pregnancy ultrasound which gives you a glimpse of all baby’s major organs, body parts also genders revealing.

You should have completed the rest of your genetic testing now and the rest is focusing on your pregnancy care.


•  vaginal bleeding or fluid leakage,
•  fever,
•  severe abdominal or headache pain,
•  blurred vision.
•  aware labor alike pains or can be contraction? get your doctor's help.

Healthy Pregnancy Care Tips.

This is the time that you should do light stretching exercise such as give your pelvic floor muscles a workout to ease your baby out and recover more quickly after the birth.

Practice the pelvic floor muscle exercise routinely can also help you to stop weeing by accident, especially when baby started to press on your bladder.

Thus, drinking plentiful of water and eating much healthier foods by following suitable diets for 2nd trimester this month can ensure your baby fetus to grow and develop healthily.



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