Congratulations that this is your 21st week of pregnancy. This is the time that many parents-to-be would come up with their baby’s name quickly and easily, or keep thinking over it throughout pregnant phases until the birth.

If you haven’t had any idea for your baby’s name, you can look up online for extensive lists of baby names which are all cool & pretty names, and more.

Also, it is still too early to buy the things like baby bouncers, changing table pads, and pack ‘n play, since your baby won’t care about them, so don’t frustrate about that yet.


1. Heartburn or Indigestion.

This is the week where it is usual to experience heartburn, since your uterus pushes against your stomach, which may then cause some stomach acid to leak into the esophagus.

Thus, you should avoid from eating discomfort triggering foods such as spicy and greasy foods.

2. Braxton Hicks Contractions.

Your uterus might sometime experience tightness that is common, since it practices to promote for labor, but the contractions can go away when you switch positions.

Yet, if you experience any pain or contractions that persist and non-stop, inform your doctor about it.

3. Leaky Milk.

By the end of this 2nd trimester (week 24), your milk ducts will be fully developed causing leaky milk duct, yet it might just in case arrive earlier.

4. Dry, Itchy Skin.

Your skin is stretching due to your growing fetus, so skin may feel more irritated.

Thus you can apply with pregnancy-safe body oil or lotion to ensure your skin maintain moisturized and reduce from itchiness.

If you notice grow of rashes, inform your doctor immediately, which can be sign of PUPPP, is the annoying pregnancy disorder.

5. Stretch Marks.

Since your belly is now growing at half stages, your skin may appear with stretch mark such as some reddish-brown, pink, or purple lines.

These stretch marks appear on your skin are stretches due to short period of time and can appear along your belly, thighs, hips, buttocks, and breasts, but they should fade significantly after birth.

6. Sore Spots.

It is very common to experience lower back pain, backaches, due to the growing belly is shifting your center of gravity.

For now, pregnancy hormone relaxin is actually loosening every joint and ligament in your body, this helps your pelvis to expand during the delivery stage.

7. Hot Flashes.

Hormones of pregnancy can cause your metabolism to increase, thus you may feel hot and sweaty from time to time.

Thus, keep cool by setting your home temperature cooler, or wear clothing that are loose and also be sure to drink a lot of water.

8. Leg Cramps.

This is the second trimester’s common problems which tend to feel it more at night that you should not worry too much about.

So, you can lessen the cramps by doing a bit stretching on your calf muscles before bed, drink enough water, or take a warm shower to reduce the discomfort or prevent cramping altogether.


During this week 21 of pregnancy, you could have gained at about healthy weight of 13 to 14 pounds (around 6kg), while for twins is around 21 pounds (about 9.5kg).

Your extra weight may makes you feel fat, but remind yourself that you are not fat, you are only pregnant, while this weight is the healthy average weight that are ideal for yourself and baby.

Keep in mind that gaining the right weight is important during pregnancy especially if you are underweight or overweight, so be sure to watch the playlist video in the end.

In this second and third trimester, you are expecting to gain a steady weight which is very important for baby’s healthy growth and development, at about 2.2 to 4.5 pounds (1-2 kg) per month.

A pregnant woman can gain at an average weight of 30 pounds, or around (17 to 35 pounds) to include for the baby’s weight and other tissues and fluids accompanying in the pregnancy.
An average full-term baby = 7.5 pounds.
Placenta = 1.5 pounds.
Uterus = 2 pounds.
Amniotic fluid = 2 pounds.
Maternal stores of fat, protein, and other nutrients required for breastfeeding = 7 pounds.
Breast tissue for breastfeeding = 2 pounds.
Increased fluid volume = 4 pounds.
Increased blood volume = 4 pounds.

With all these pounds, they are being used properly in order to keep your baby alive and healthy.

You may experience your fetal’s movement noticeably when you gently press your palm on your belly, you may get the feeling of a little push back, so cool and exciting baby.


At this week 21 of pregnancy, your baby is as big as the size of a head of endive.

With its weighing at about 12.7 ounces (0.36kg) and measured at about 10.5 inches (27cm), shows that is big enough to feel his or her movements more and more soon.

Now is about 4 months and 3 weeks that is more than halfway done with month five.

Your baby fetus digestive system was preparing for the outside world, as the manufacturing meconium, tarry black substance which you'll find in the first dirty diaper.

Baby’s heartbeat is now loud enough to be listened through a normal stethoscope, however difficult to differentiate from your own heartbeat.

Indeed, your baby’s heartbeat is at faster rhythem, is 120 to 160 beats per minute, that is about twice as fast as yours, almost recognize as the sounds of  galloping horses.

Baby is beginning to sleep and wake in subtle cycles, where they may settle down in their favorite sleeping position.

This is the week where their fingers and toes are formed completely, together with completed little fingerprints and toe prints.

If you have your mid-pregnancy ultrasound this week, you will get a glimpse of your cute little baby fetus.

Thus you can let your technician to know baby’s gender if you want, but there are also some parents who save that moment until their baby was born to know the gender.

Or requesting to wring down in an envelope to take home, with gender reveal party can be surprising enough when surrounded by your family and friends.

Thus you should ask for lots of printouts of the pictures ultrasound, else for those who have an uncomplicated pregnancy, this can be the last medical ultrasound you’ll get during pregnancy.

Healthy Pregnancy Care Tips.

When you are sitting, you can use footrest to slightly elevate your feet to help lessen back pain.

Choline is also important for proper spinal cord formation and early brain development instead of folic acid during pregnancy, try adding more cooked chicken, cooked beef, cooked eggs, milk, and peanuts, & supplementing to increase choline levels.

Since your center of gravity shifts may cause a little off balance due to expanding uterus, be sure to wear flat shoes, & avoiding slippery surfaces to prevent risk of falling.

Call Your Doctor If You Are Experiencing.

vaginal bleeding.
increased vaginal discharge or with odor.
fever & chills.
pain with urination.
low abdominal pain or cramping.



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