In this week 19, or the coming week is going to be a gender reveal, so you probably are feeling panicked for getting mid-pregnancy ultrasound.

Most couple would take this test as the chance to reveal their baby’s gender because the accuracy is 95% accurate as long baby are revealing their reproduction parts, and you will be amazed at all growths of baby happening in this week 19 of pregnancy.

Your Week 19 Pregnant Belly. 

In this week 19 of your pregnant belly, you may feel more noticeable baby’s movement.
Some women will experience it earlier, but it different for others.

As your belly bum is getting more visible, you also need to aware you’re your weight gain since you probably had increased between 8 to 14 pounds so far.

You should inform you your doctor if more than that, since sudden or fast weight gain could be a sign of preeclampsia required to be treated immediately because baby is not getting enough nutrients.

Here Are The Week 19 Pregnancy Symptoms. 

An average pregnant woman at 19 weeks will have symptoms that are not going to be too severe, only getting annoyances symptoms to cope with.

1. Abdominal Aches And Pains. 

Due to your muscle stretched for accommodating your baby fetus, therefore your round ligament pain may occur that discomfort in your lower belly.

It's normal if the pain is on one side of your body because your baby womb could has rotated to the right as it gets bigger, which mean you are more likely to feel pains on your right side.

You should inform your pregnancy doctor if any ache or pain that are very painful or comes along with other symptoms, else they are commonly just a normal growing pain.

2. Dizziness or Light-headedness. 

There are more than one pregnant woman that are passing out, if you are one of then then you are not alone.

It happens during pregnancy because your growing uterus is placing some pressure on your blood vessels, while your baby is also crowding your lungs, causing less oxygen supply for you.

There are also other cause that may leads to light-headedness, such as lack of drinking water or hunger due to no appetite, this is why you should eat more and drink plenty of water.

However, if you are getting dizzy or lightheaded too frequent, you should immediately check with your pregnancy doctor whether you have anemia (lack of health red blood cell) or preeclampsia.

3. Lower Back Pain. 

Especially in this 2nd trimester, having backaches are known as most common pregnancy complaints, because of hormonal fluctuation happening in your body and growing uterus affecting your center of gravity shifts, thus easily can strains your back muscles.

You should do some light exercise stretching exercise to strengthen back muscles, also can wear abdominal support garments, or apply heating pads to reduce sore muscles.

4. Leg Cramps. 

You may also experience leg cramp during these trimester, thus ensure to flex your ankle and toes by stretching them, prenatal yoga and calf massage also helps.

5. Hip Pain. 

If hip pain is affecting your sleep, try sleeping on your left side with a pillow between your knees to ease hip pain.

6. Skin Changes. 

You may have dark patches on your nose, cheeks, and forehead that are known to be common during pregnancy, known as chloasma, the pregnancy mask due to hormone change effect.

Hormones may also cause linea nigra for some women, it is a dark line running down your belly to your pubic bone.

Both skin symptoms will slowly fade away after you give birth.

Thus you should not expose to sunlight which can darken the pigments in your skin even more, so ensure to apply sunscreen or prevent from un-shaded area.

7. Congestion and Nosebleeds. 

This is the time where you may experience stuffy or runny nose, because of hormone levels have increased where your body will produce extra blood, so that can cause the mucous membranes in your nose swelling, cause congestion and even may leads to nosebleeds.

Pregnant Weeks 19 Ultrasound. 

Your baby is now the size of mango in this week 19 of pregnancy and was measure at the length at about 6.0 inches (15 cm) and weighing in at about 8.5 ounces (240 grams), which will continue to grow bigger.

Your baby is now at 4th month and 1 week for which another week will be halfway through.

Your fetus is now growing a protective coating over its skin known as vernix caseosa, a greasy and white layer to be seen usually at birth.

Baby in this week also working on their nerve cells for sense such as touch, taste, hearing, sight, and smell that were developing your baby's brain.

Your baby is now also growing their little nails on their lately formed fingertips and toes.

This is the time where your baby begins to sleep and wake in more regular patterns and may also wake up to perform movement and noises.

The mid-pregnancy ultrasound should be around week 18 to 21, so be preparing to witness the scan of your awesome whole baby’s body that includes their spines, brain, and heart were examined to ensure everything is growing properly.

During the ultrasound scan, you should ask to know your baby’s gender, since the scanning technician will be able to tell you your baby’s gender and get the scan printout home to show off.

If your baby’s gender is a girl, her little reproductive system is already well formed, the uterus, vagina, and fallopian tubes are all in place.

If is a boy, his male genitalia & testicles have formed was already secreting testosterone since about week 10 of pregnancy.

Healthy Pregnancy Care Tips. 

Your diet now requires to contain more iron nutrient since your body need to make haemoglobin, an element that helps your blood to carry oxygen around your body, else iron-deficiency can cause anaemia, that are harmful to your baby.

You can eat rich iron foods from cooked red meat, cooked poultry, cooked fish, lentils, leafy green vegetables and fortified cereals.

Also ensure to supply with enough vitamin-C in your diet that helps to absorb iron from foods like, oranges, strawberries, kiwi fruit and potatoes are all packed with C vitamin.

Your general practitioner or midwife will determine whether the needs to prescribe you with iron supplements.

Kindly also look into the diet video for this month of pregnancy to ensure you get supplied with enough nutrients like folic acid, calcium, protein and more.

When To Call Your Doctor. 

If you feel irregular round ligament pains that last even after resting, then you should inform your doctor, same goes to a very severe pain that lasts for more than a few minutes.

For pain that comes along with other symptoms, such as fever, vomiting, bleeding, vaginal discharge changes, immediately call your doctor.

You may experience some headaches during pregnancy which are known to be common.

But if you experience it frequently or more severe than usual, inform your doctor to prescribe necessary remedies to ease the pain.

So, the next week is going to be at the week 20th, which is exactly halfway point of your pregnancy before childbirth.


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