In this week 17 of pregnancy, you should start making plans whether or not you want to know your baby’s gender and joining types of trained childbirth classes. When you are deciding, your pregnancy will now feel even more real, which is super exciting and little anxious feelings too for every pregnant lady.
In this early 2nd trimester, or in the 4th months of pregnancy, which you are almost halfway at the total pregnancy phase. This is the time where you can seek help more often, in order to ease your problems without tiring yourself too much.

What is Your Baby size at 17 Weeks? Your week 17 baby fetus is now the size of a pomegranate, measured length at about 5.1 inches (13cm) and weighing at about 5.9 ounces (167grams).

The 17 Weeks Pregnant Most Common List of Symptoms.

1. Increased Bodily Fluids.

Due to your pregnancy body was now in increasing blood flow, you may experience some common vaginal discharge, sweat, and more mucus causing stuffy noses and sneezing.

2. Weird Dreams.

You may be having a strange dream recently that are due to your hormonal fluctuation cause, but can also be the result of your stresses and excitement.

3. Itchy Or Sensitive Skin.

As your baby is now growing at faster pace, your skin is also stretching thinner and becoming more sensitive, which causing you the urge to scratch.

So, you can apply soothing skin cream in morning and evenings to help you relieve the itch, while by drinking lots of water throughout the day also helps.

4. Speedy Weight Gain.

Due to the fast growth of your baby, you may had grown 5 to 10 pounds by now, while it is consider normal to gain about 1 to 2 pounds each week in this 2nd trimester.

However, if you experience excessive weight gain, which can be a sign of problems happening in your body, so discuss with you pregnancy doctor if more than mentioned weight.

5. Stretch Marks.

Your growing belly is happening from uterus expanding and some weight gain, so definitely some women may experience stretch marks that are unavoidable, especially twins pregnancy.

But you can apply good quality moisturizer to reduce stretch marks and drink lots of water to hydrate your skin also helps.

6. Hemorrhoids.

Though hemorrhoids may be occurs later in pregnancy, it's smart to take steps now to help prevent them, such as following a high-fiber diet, drinking plenty of water, and getting regular exercise.
It is important that your healthcare provider should be informed immediately if you experience severe pain or bleeding.

7. Heartburn and indigestion.

In this 2nd trimester, morning sickness is lessening for most expecting mom, yet you might still need to face heartburn and indigestion that are the common problems in pregnancy.

You can reduce them by eating several small meals each day instead of heavy meal, do not eat spicy foods and avoid lying down immediately after meals.

8. Leg cramps.

This is the trimester that you may experience leg cramps especially during sleep time.
Though by stretching your legs before bed or massaging your calf muscles during cramps happening can helps to lessen it.
Be sure to stay hydrated and do routine light exercise or stretching helps too.

9. Lower Back Pain.

With enlarging of uterus, your center gravity and posture had changed, thus that is causing you to put more pressure on your back.

Your baby’s weight gain and yours during pregnancy can also give you lower back pain from time to time, but by doing proper exercise and stretching can relieve the discomfort.

You can apply heating pad to the pain and avoid standing for long periods of time also helps.


Your baby’s rubbery cartilage is now turning to bone, growth of some meat on the bones, also gaining of some body fat.

This means that your 17 week baby fetus is growing stronger now and also thicker umbilical cord.

Your baby also begins to grow a layer of brown fat under the skin can helps to keep your baby warm after birth.
The glands produce oil in baby's skin may starts to produce vernix, that is a white greasy film protections covering over their skin to normalize their body temperature.

Thus, your baby will get more active within the amniotic sac.

You are likely notice baby’s movement of small flips and rolls inside your belly for the coming weeks.

You may not know that your baby is also growing its nails this week, the nails will likely extend to the tips of the toes and fingers by the end of this month and definitely may need to be trimmed soon after birth.

Upcoming Doctor’s Visits.

So, now is the great time to talk more with your healthcare provider about exercise or specifically about balance diets, do's and don'ts, and when to seek for doctor’s help.

It is important to avoid those intensive and contact sports such as soccer, other physical activities require sudden ups-and-down movements.

The great benefits of doing some exercise in pregnancy may help to decrease rates of gestational diabetes and even reduce Cesarean section, also postpartum recovery time, according to Obstetricians and Gynecologists expert.

If you had performed chorionic villus sampling (CVS) test or an amniocentesis test that had shown to be an inconclusive result, then healthcare provider may offer cordocentesis test (percutaneous umbilical blood sampling), right after 17 weeks of the pregnancy.

Cordocentesis test is known as a diagnostic prenatal test in by extracting blood from the umbilical cord for inspecting any infection, genetic disorders, and blood conditions.

Pregnancy Care Tips in Week 17.

You should taking prenatal vitamins.
Drink plenty water at about 8 to 12 glasses daily.
Use a neti pot; saline spray; or nasal strips, if necessary.
Restart your exercise routine on break in previous weeks, adjust your routine if advised.
Make sure you document your growing 17 weeks pregnant belly by taking lots of photos for you to look back and recall about how your pregnancy transformation looks like.

When To Call The Doctor For Help?

Even though in this 2nd trimester is the less risk of miscarriage, but you MUST call your doctor immediately if you experience, vaginal bleeding, fluid leakage, or severe abdominal pain.

You should also inform your doctor if you have a fever.

If your experience sciatica (alike lower back pain), that gets worsening in intensity or frequency, inform your doctor to check if nothing else is going on.

Your pregnancy doctor will always be able to help you find the appropriate kind of relief.

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