17 Early Signs That You Are Pregnant – This is Natural Pregnancy Test Kit.

If you are conceiving for babies, you probably not sure that if you're pregnant?

The most usually kind of method is to determine your pregnancy signs are by using the commercially available pregnancy test kit.

However, you can also discover by yourself that whether you are pregnant or not with these 17 noticeable signs.

1. Swollen And Tender Breasts.

If you feel sudden soreness or tingling in breasts, this is one of the most common signs of being pregnant.
During early of pregnancy, breasts will fill out and experience change in shape as they prepare to produce milk.
Your breasts may feel very tender and sensitive for a few months as a result.
This is possible to known if you’re pregnant in those first few weeks, while some women even realise it from the moment of conception.

2. Darkening Areolas.

Due to hormonal changes, the areolas or circles around nipples will become widen and darken during pregnancy. This happens since your body begins to prepare itself for breastfeeding.

3. Light Bleeding Colour. 

Around the day 5 to 10 after conception, some women may notice light bleeding that can be an indication of pregnancy.

Implantation bleeding is medically known to happens few days after conception.
Some women may feel it is like a regular periods, but if the bleeding colour is light, the chances of being pregnant are high.

4. More Urination Or Constipation.

During pregnancy, your uterus is generally presses directly on the bladder that causes more frequent urination.

For that reason, an additional pressure and intestinal changes can also cause constipation.

Since your baby is getting bigger inside your uterus can presses against your bladder thus causing your frequency to toilet more.

5. Bloating. 

A heavy or bloated feeling in the stomach, such as farts and burps that is the most uncomfortable and a common symptom of pregnancy before missed periods.

6. Lower Back Pain And Cramps.

Backaches or early pregnancy are often cause by implantation cramping, bloating, and constipation.

7. Fatigue.

The most common pregnancy sign is feeling tired, since that takes lots of energy to create a baby. The fact is that fatigue often is the first pregnancy signs.
Don’t worry, because if you are pregnant and you’ll begin to feel less tired around week 12, since the placenta was fully formed.

8. Nausea.

The most common pregnancy signs, which is an increase changes in hormone levels, happening in the morning or all day long too.

Major women experience the morning sickness at 80% during the first 3 months of their pregnancy.

9. Smell Sensitivity.

The most common early signs of women are those who have a very sensitive sense of smell during pregnancy.

Researchers speculated the sensitivity helps to protect women from eating bad foods in order to protect your baby from any harmful toxins.

10. Increase in Basal Temperature.

Your basal temperature is a positive sign of pregnancy when increase in about 1 degree increase from normal degree of 96-98 until 97 to 99 degrees.

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11. Missing Period.

The very obvious indicator of pregnancy is a missed period, however period missed can also cause by stress, diet or an irregular schedule.

12. Unusual Hunger Or Cravings.

Pregnant bodies need about an extra of 300 calories a day to grow a baby.
Some women find themselves begins craving for any type of foods, while some feel hungry all day long.

13. Headaches.

Many women experience frequent migraine headaches especially during early in pregnancy.
But there are some women who have the opposite experience who don’t get migraines.

14. Mood Swings.

Variety of emotional mood swings was experienced by women during pregnancy because your hormone was adjusting the body.

15. Feeling Faint or Dizzy.

Changing in hormones which combined with faster heart beat to pump more blood via body which can cause blood pressure to decrease gradually in the early pregnancy.
This is why many pregnant women sometime will experience the feeling dizziness or lightheaded.

16. Metallic Taste in Your Mouth.

Pregnant women will feel an unusual metallic taste in their mouths.
Even though there is no scientific reason for this symptom, some pregnant mom can have the metallic taste over their entire pregnancy.

17. More Dreams.

Dreams during pregnancy were often increase. So if your dreams can get more dramatic, this could be the sign of pregnancy.

If you believed that you are pregnant and find out none of the above list symptoms, then a pregnancy test kit surely will work best for you.

You are also advice to seek for a medical professional if you believed that you are pregnant for most accurate results.


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