15 Signs and Symptoms of Vitamin-C Deficiency, Especially # 11 Severe Health Condition.

Vitamin C was suggested as the nutrients that must be consumed regularly in order to prevent from lacking it, though you may find out the symptoms.

Even though deficiency in vitamin C can be avoided by eating fresh foods and supplements, but recent rate had shown it is still affecting some adults.

Because our body cannot produce vitamin C or keeping it in huge quantity, thus a regular diet in fresh fruits and vegetables can prevent  lacking vitamin C.

This Is Why You Need To Keep Your Awareness If Your Body Shown These 15 Most Common Sign Of Vitamin C Lacking.

1. Bumpy & Rough Skin.

Your body need vitamin c to produce the collagen protein to improve your skin stronger and smooth skin.

If your body are lacking of vitamin-C, your skin will not produce enough collagen, thus your skin will have sign of rough patches and dead skin cells.

2. Corkscrew-Shaped Body Hair. 

Corkscrew-shaped (hair grow bent or coiled) hair is 1 of signs of vitamin C shortage, to defects that develop in the protein structure of hair as it grows out.
Consume enough vitamin C amount within 1 month of treatment will often help to heal hair from abnormalities.

3. Bright Red Hair Follicles.  

When your body lack of vitamin C, these tiny blood vessels become fragile and break easily which cause tiny bright red spots around the hair follicles on the surface of your skin.

This is a severe sign of vitamin C deficiency, naming as perifollicular haemorrhage, which also can be cure by consuming vitamin C supplements within two weeks.

4. Spoon-Shaped Fingernails With Red Spots or Lines.

Spoon-shaped nails are often thin and brittle nails that is commonly linked vitamin C or iron deficiency.

Nail bed with vertical lines or red spots also signs of splinter hemorrhage, due to the reason of vitamin C insufficient because of weakened blood vessels which are easily ruptured.

5. Dry & Damaged Skin.

While dry, damaged skin can be linked to vitamin C deficiency since you need it to promote collagen production for maintaining your skin looking plump and youthful.

6. Easy Bruising.

If you have bruises easily, that are most obvious sign of vitamin C shortage due to poor collagen production causing blood vessels weaken.

7. Slowly Healing Wounds.

Since vitamin C insufficiency will slow down the speed of collagen production thus that had cause if any wounds on your body will heal more slowly, especially patient with chronic non-healing leg ulcer.

8. Painful, Swollen Joints.

Major issues regarding to joint pain was link with vitamin C deficiency because it contain a lot of rich collagen tissue, which is frequently severe enough to cause limping or difficulty walking.

Bleeding within joints with swelling and additional pain also happened for those who are lacking in vitamin C, which can be resolve if consume vitamin C within a week.

9. Weak Bones.

Studies had discovered that vitamin C plays a critical role in bone formation especially for children, so lacking of it can leads to increase rate of bone loss, risk of fracture and osteoporosis.

10. Bleeding Gums and Tooth Loss.

Gum redness, swollen or bleeding is few common sign of lacking vitamin C, because your gum tissue was weakened, inflamed and blood vessels bleed more easily.

11. Poor Immunity.

Vitamin C shortage was linked with poor immunity and at higher risk of infection, such as severe illnesses or pneumonia.

People with diseases of scurvy caused by vitamin C deficiency indeed are going to be a lethal infection due to their poorly functioning immune systems.

12. Iron Deficiency, Anemia.

Lacking of vitamin C may causes to iron deficiency anemia by reducing the absorption of iron from foods and harmfully affecting iron metabolism.

Thus that can cause signs of paleness, fatigue, trouble breathing during exercise, dry skin and hair, headache.

13. Fatigue and Poor Mood.

If you noticed fatigue and poor mood, they could be the earliest symptoms of vitamin C deficiency.

14. Unexplained Weight Gain.

Research has found low in vitamin C were linked to greater belly fat amounts, even for person with normal weight level.

15. Chronic Inflammation and Oxidative Stress.

Low level of vitamin C was linked to higher levels of inflammation and oxidative stress, also cause higher risk of heart disease.

So How Much Vitamin C Do We Need To Consume Daily Is Considered Sufficient?

For normal adults, they are recommended to consume daily amount of vitamin C at 65 to 90 milligrams (mg) per day, but you are recommended to not exceed more than 2000 mg a day which are at over dosage and harmful.



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