You are now officially at the stage of second trimester, so you may feel easier than your first trimester.

Also your belly may begin to show or protrude visibly from here onwards.

If you haven’t been telling the secret of your baby news, then you may feel more comfortable telling your relatives or friends now.

Another most concerned problem of miscarriages especially in the second trimester onwards are less likely because you had past the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

The symptoms of breast tenderness are reducing, yet you get more energy and continuation of weight gain.

Symptoms you felt in the first trimester previously may begin fading, but don’t be surprised even they do not reduced completely, so stay patient and take it easy.

List of Symptoms You May Experience in This Week 14 Pregnancy.

1. Round Ligament Pain.

You may experience the feeling some aches and pains because your muscles and ligaments stretch in order to support the growth of your baby in your belly.

More frequent happening of cramps due to the round ligament pain, but if you experience too much pain or uncomfortable, consult your doctor.

2. Feeling More Energize.

After going through the first trimester, you are now perhaps getting your energy back thanks to the 2nd trimester onward.

3. Appetite Boosted.

Due to the reason that morning sickness begins to end or reducing in this 2nd trimester, you may find out that your appetite will boosted up.

Take note that your baby’s fast growth is what you eat that supply for, so your daily diet amount should include another 300 calories per day.

For twin’s baby, you are required to consume about 680 extra calories per day now especially in the beginning of second trimester.

Aware to avoid from too much greasy or fatty food, thus remember to consume healthier nutrients.

4. Shinier & Thicker Hair.

If you noticed your hair getting thicker and shinier, this is one of the few interesting side effects of pregnancy symptoms.

5. Nausea.

Some women may experience morning sickness symptoms until very end of their pregnancies, but nausea is reduced for most women during 2nd trimester onward.

Even though your stomach becomes more settled, but you may sometime experience a few nausea for every now and then.

Unless you experience severe nausea, or feeling difficult or no appetite at all, then check with your doctor to see if it is hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), a pregnancy complication of severe nausea, vomiting too much, feeling faint, weight loss & dehydration.

Even though morning sickness will not likely to harm your baby, but this continues always, then you should consult doctor to ensure your baby and you are getting enough nutrients.

If you are still experience the sickness, try not to eat too much at on go at first, then slowly adjust eating several smaller meals to lessen nausea.

Also consume enough water, and avoid some smells of pickles or vinegar, or hot temperature can also worsen your nausea.

Ginger added into tea or hot water can lower nausea and morning sickness.

6. Mood Swings.

When you experience rapid growth of baby inside your body, the increasing hormones can cause increments of mood swings, when included the physical changes, other stress and fatigue.

Also be sure to rest as much as you can, and also look for family or friends to talk to if you has a lot of stressed about knowing nothing about future of your motherhood’s experience.

Mood swings known as common pregnancy symptoms of many women, but good news is that your moods may stabilize in this 2nd trimester.

Your Baby’s Development in This Week 14.

So, How Big Is Your Baby Now? Your baby is now growing at almost doubled the weight of last week, weighing at 1.5 ounces (43 grams) & measuring at about 3.4 inches (8.6 cm), which can represent by the size of a peach.

Your baby can now make facial expression such as squinting, frowning, or even grimacing.

Although you are not able see or feel your baby’s tiny expressions, but these expressions indicates your baby’s brain impulses are growing.

If you are soon scheduling for ultrasound, its great if you can noticed your baby are sucking their thumb, which is a sign of a healthy baby to come, but if not maybe it is just not the right timing.

Your baby will start stretching out for a little, while their arms will soon also look more equivalent to the rest of their body.

With the help of microscope, the ability to view their very fine hair, which begins to cover their body about this time.
This is the week where your baby’s kidneys can produce urine to release into the amniotic fluid, while their liver also begins to produce bile.

These both signs indicate that your baby is about ready to adapt for life outside of the womb.

In this week 14, your baby’s gender is still a wonder, but you will likely to find out in just a few weeks at the anatomy scan.

Normally, if you had your ultrasound in your first trimester, then the next one is on mid-pregnancy ultrasound, which is in between weeks 18 and 22.

Your babies’ heartbeats can now listened by using a Doppler ultrasound, which is a device for pregnant mom to use at home, slowly try & learn how to use it.

What TO Do For A Healthy Pregnancy.

In this 2nd trimester when you had back your energy restored, so it is a great time to begin light exercise for pregnancy such as, doing a routine 15-minute walk, yoga, water aerobics, or checkout on a local prenatal exercise class.

Keep the exercise regularly as a routine for heart beating at an aerobic rate at least 3 to 7 days per week.

You may feel boost for bonding time with your partner, which is completely safe unless your doctor has advised you otherwise.

Call Your Doctor When You Noticed Following Sign?

fluid leakage, feeling like a flow of gush,
discharge with bleeding,
severe abdominal pain,
fever or headache,
blurred vision, or
severe morning sickness.


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