Things are transforming fast at pregnancy week 12. You are now in the last week of your 3rd month of pregnancy.

Week 12 pregnancy is about at the ending of first trimester, meaning to say your hormones could be lessening a bit that makes you feel lesser symptoms issue of pregnancy.


Here is the good news during week 12 pregnant symptoms, because the common annoying morning sickness and fatigue are beginning to fade a bit shortly, since the hormones were beginning to settle down.

Symptoms Could Happen To Your Body At 12 Weeks Pregnant.
1. Increased in Discharge.
If you noticed the clear discharge, it is considered normal with functions to protect your vagina from infection.
However, you must aware if you noticed yellow, greenish, pink, or brown discharge during week 12th, call your doctor immediately.
These colours may indicate as a sign of infection, or preterm labor.

2. Bleed Spotting Sign.
If you noticed the sign of spotting, or bleeding during pregnancy at 12 weeks, that can means you should worrying or could means nothing at all.
Take an example, if your cervix is more sensitive during pregnancy, then even having a simple intimacy with your partner, then the cause of “light bleeding” is known as harmless.
However if you noticed spotting or bleeding, then you should tell your doctor certainly.
If you experienced cramping with bleeding or the heavier flow, then call your doctor immediately.

3. Headaches of Hormonal Changes.
You will begin to experience stronger headaches around week 12 of pregnancy.
Reason it is happening could be due to the cause of hormonal changes, drops in blood sugar, dehydration, lack of sleep, or even stress factors.
Thus, ensure that you pay attention to what might be the factors leading to your headaches so that you can avoid the factors.
If you experience extreme increase in headaches, or headache you never experienced before like migraine headaches, or comes with weird symptoms, consult your obstetrician as soon.

4. Dizziness To Take Note.
Around week 12, pregnant lady will experience hormone fluctuation and blood pressure changes that can leads to dizziness.
If you’re feeling dizzy or lightheaded, Sit or lie down and inform you doctor if any severe signs.
Snacking regularly and drink plenty of water also can assist you to prevent dizziness.


In 12 weeks, your pregnant belly is looking rounder and was more noticeable now, so start taking photos as memories of your pregnant belly at week 12 to notice the changes.

Your baby is as big as the size of a plum and measuring at about 2.1 inches (5.4 cm) length and weighting at about 0.49 ounces (14 grams).

12 WEEKS BABY’S Growth.

Your fetus at 12 weeks is almost finish developing his or her body’s important systems and parts, this means that now it’s about getting bigger and more mature from hers onward.

As your baby is entering the growth and maturation stage, in which organs and tissues are beginning to grow and develop very fast.

Baby fetus is now generating urine and will pee out into the surrounding amniotic fluid.

Little hand of baby’s wrists and elbows can bend now which they will move around.

Thus, by looking baby at the ultrasound, you will be likely to notice baby’s movement.

Baby's finger nails and toe nails are forming and begin to open and close.

As well as a developing brain and skeleton, even baby's organs and intestines are also developing now.

If you’re 12 weeks pregnant with twins, the developing speed is at a similar rate as compare to singleton babies at 12 weeks.

Before The End Of Your 1st-Trimester, You May Have One More Prenatal Check-up.

It actually depends on your doctor’s preference and what’s your insurance covers, whether you have a 12-week ultrasound or not.

If you do get an ultrasound during this week, you can see your baby fetus more clearly this time around thus you might be guessing the gender’s news with your family.

The very earliest gender identification on ultrasound may happen at 12 to 13 week, and the anatomy will be difficult to confirm at this moment.

It is still early to monitor your baby’s gender at this moment, but at the mid-pregnancy anatomy scan may happen around week 18-22.

You might want to know more about baby’s health around week 12, so you may have genetic testing done to determine the risk of birth defects or other problems.

You should also begin to ask your obstetrician plenty of questions in order to know more about your baby’s health.

Things To Do This Week For Pregnancy Care Tips?

Start performing the above shown pelvic floor exercises. What you need to do is just lie down on an exercise or yoga mate, then start to squeeze for up to 10 seconds, for repetition of 20 times per day.

These muscles not only just help to ease childbirth, but can reduce your chances of bladder issues and also help with postpartum symptoms.

You also should check out the list of foods to eat and avoid during this week 12th, or diet to follow at 3rd month pregnancy.



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