12 BIGGEST Mistakes That Every PREGNANT Woman Should AVOID Immediately…!

12 BIGGEST Mistakes That Every PREGNANT Woman Should AVOID Immediately…!

If you are now pregnant, then be sure to avoid these mistake that most pregnant women will encountered.

Here are the 12 most common mistake that every pregnant woman should avoid.

1. A pregnant woman should not skip their meal because this can leads to weakness and even cause acidity problems.
Include some nutritious snacks like natural foods like egg items and simple vegetables in short intervals. The gap between meals should be long one to eat at least for 3 to 5 times in a day.

2. If you are pregnant, you should avoid from burger or cheese loaded pizza because they can cause weight gain & affect water balance.

3. Reduce caffeine beverage to, because too much will increase risk of miscarriage or low birth weight in baby.
Below 200 milligram of caffeine is safe, but you should get decaffeinated tea & coffee or fruit teas & fruit juices to avoid caffeine processed chemical.

4.    You also need to avoid soft cheese and raw meat foods & raw eggs since they contain harmful bacteria can cause illness leading to miscarriage, stillbirth or severe illness in a newborn baby.

5. Doctors suggest a pregnant lady should increase your normal water intake by an additional 300 milliliter per day during pregnancy & 700 milliliter per day during breastfeeding.

6. Very important to sleep enough for close to 10 to 11 hours of rest every night to ensure growth of of embryo.

7. Perform pregnancy workout to avoid the blood clusters, varicose veins and inflammation in legs. Avoid intensive & heavy weight lifting, do swimming and yoga can be very beneficial when delivering.

8. Inhaling smoking even from others can lead to failed labour, premature birth, low birth weight and unexpected new-born child demise.

9. Avoid drinking liquor can cause foetal liquor disorder, and might prompt birth abnormalities and hindrance in cerebral growth.

10. Self-medication without prescription by doctor can leads to wrong medication causing severe impact on the foetus.

11. Take a 10-15 minutes break while sitting too long in front PC for good mom & baby’s health.

12. The key to wear seat-belt in right way is take belt under the baby bump and not across the middle to prevent hurt the baby if when unexpected accident.
The belt should pass flat across the thighs and tight up against the hip bone with belt between your chests.

If you have any additional mistake that common happened to pregnant women, then share our post and include your mistakes you faced so that we can help every pregnant woman to avoid these common mistakes.


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