11 Clever To Reuse Your Teabag, Do Not Throw Them Away Again!

Most of us can always agree on that one drink we will never miss which is that we all love tea, right?

Yes, I love it drinking tea too; I start my mornings with a cup of green tea with a teaspoon of honey.
Sometime I brew green; ginger and honey tea is very awesome when my stomach feels nauseous.
I sip on black tea when I need to boost some energetic and refresh.
My evening allows a cup of warm hot chamomile to help me relax and fall asleep.
Every time I felt moody, I bring some brew a peppermint and cinnamon as detox teas into my day.
Consequently, for those people who are just like me getting rid of the used, you don’t have to feel bad now.

Here is the reason of multiple ways you can gain benefits from the used tea bag!

Here are the 11 Clever Uses for Teabags:

1. Relieves Sunburn

The tea bag of black tea contains an acid that helps to soothes the painful heat from sunburns on body. You just have to press the cooled tea bag on your skin for instant relief.

2. Revitalize Tired Looking Eyes

coffee should be definitely skipped after a night of sleeplessness. Just use the used black tea bag and rub the bag around your eyes. The tannins properties in the tea contain a calming effect & can restore skin around your eye.

3. Ease Minor Burns

Again this Tannins agent in teabags soothe inflammation created by high heat. Press the cooled bag to the affected area you can easy minor burns as well if you accidentally burn yourself while making tea.

4. Hair Rinse

Did you realise that by pouring green tea over your hair is very beneficial to REDUCE Hair Shedding, stop dandruff & add shine to hair. In your next shower, scrub you scalp using your favourite green tea (tea only) that was steeped for at least an hour. Try it once, and you will definitely love to find it helpful & lesser shedding!

5. Warts.

Antioxidants in green tea can actually help to stop warts from enlarging. To apply it, just place a cooled tea bag on the wart and secure it with a bandage or medicine tape. Change with a new teabag after 15 minutes. Result is the wart should come off in a few days.

6. Freshen up Smelly Shoes.

No need to use perfume to spray your smelly sneakers, just insert the dry tea bag into your sneakers to prevent the odor. It will remove the nasty scent from your shoes.

7. Grow Beautiful Roses.

the experts claimed that the tannins in teas can reduce the pH levels of soil that prevent from fungus emerging around the base of the plant, it helps the flower to blooms. Just place the tea leaves or tea bag around the soil of the plant.

8. Clean Dishes.

Having some dirty dishes? Don’t be surprised! You need to soak them overnight with a couple of tea bags, the stubborn scrubs will be eased for you the next morning.

9. Remove Water Stains from Mirrors.

The bathroom mirrors is always messy as after the splash of face-washing, hair-drying, or teeth brushing. To clean this, brew a few tea bags and soak your clean cloth with it to wipe your mirror & find it spotlessly clean!

10. Remove Odors from Hands.

After chopping garlic or onions can stain unpleasant smell on your hand. Try washing your hands with teabags & It will remove the odor effectively.

11. Sore Gums.

If you ever experience oral gums soreness whether from a sickness or surgery, soothes the pain by placing the teabags into your mouth like gauze pads. The bags will help form a stain clot, helping to reduce the bleeding and swelling.


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