10 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Baby’s Growth, and Healthy Pregnancy Tips.

In this week 10th of your pregnancy, you are at the end of your first trimester pregnancy.

You still look not like really pregnant for this week, but not so long later will be much visible.

So, you need to avoid wearing tight and constricting clothing, because your belly is getting bigger and rounder as your uterus expands.

You may be gaining 1 or 2 pound by this week, even though you experience morning sickness continues.

As your blood volume increase, then if you have not noticed the veins in your breasts, and also your abdomen becoming bigger, there is a good chance where you will notice it this week.

Pregnancy Growth Week 10.

In this week, your baby is now the size of strawberry, at measurement about 1.2 inches long and weighing 0.14 ounces (4 grams), and also about double in size for next 3 weeks.
Your baby is beginning to have webbed toes and fingers.

Its vital organs are shaped, and placenta is effective functioning.

Baby’s fetus now will have more human like facial, his or her eyelids started to close, and the facial has own characteristic.

At this time, their tooth buds appear and have the ability to swallow.

You are able to hear your baby’s heartbeat, if an ultrasound is perform at this week.

Gender identification still not yet able to be determine now, so you still have to wait for a few more weeks.

Symptoms To Take Note:

If you experience morning sickness very often, then you should consult your doctor about controlling the nausea.

Try also to avoid nausea triggering foods, make you have plenty rest, and have you meal at small amount but more frequency in order to stabilize your blood sugar.

You can reduce nausea by getting bland foods like crackers and drink teas like peppermint or ginger tea, also often a sip of water habits.

Your doctor will suggest you with necessary medication and supplements. If you have your own medications, ensure to tell your doctor first.

The experience of vomiting and feeling sick most of the time, then makes you not able to get fluids down and feeling dehydrated, which can be hyperemesis gravidarum, is a severe kind of morning sickness which happen typically in women who carries multiple babies that must consult with your doctor fast.

Some women can begin to get the feeling of relieved from morning sickness, nausea and vomiting at this week 10 pregnancy or by the end of the first trimester (12 weeks).

Pregnancy Symptoms may have continues of other first trimester symptoms that includes.

  1. Weight Gain Is Getting Increasing,
  2. Experience Increase in Discharge,
  3. Pain in Abdominal,
  4. You belly or thigh may have veins,
  5. Vomit and nausea, fatigue,
  6. Heartburn or acid reflux,
  7. hard to poop, have stomach gas or bloating,
  8. Cravings For foods and no appetite.

Symptoms of Increased Discharge.

This week 10, you may notice more vaginal discharge due to the increased of estrogen levels in pregnancy.

The discharge will be thin and milky with a mild odour, so should wear a panty liner for comfort, but must not use tampons, or douching.

While vaginal discharge is normal, there are some signs to watch out for, which could indicate an infection.

If You Noticed Your Discharge Has Any Of Below Characteristics, Call Your Doctor Fast.

  • Green Or Yellow In Color,
  • Occurs With Redness Or Itching Of The Vulva,
  • Mixed With Blood,
  • Have Foul Odor,
  • Related With Painful Urination.

Symptom of Abdominal Pain.

Since round ligaments, which surround your uterus stretch, it’s common to experience abdominal pain that could be sharp or dull, and is not harmful in effect.

So you should slowly move and slowly stand up to reduce the occurrence of pain.

Call your doctor if you experience pain that is mild to severe, or linked with vaginal bleeding, fever, chills, or burning urination.

Healthy Pregnancy Care Tips.

1. Ensure to follow you doctor’s advice, after you had your first prenatal appointment.

2. Jot down a list of non-emergency questions as they arise to ask at your next appointment.

3. If your clothes are feeling fitting tightly, you can buy some maternity clothes such as pants with elastic waistbands and loose shirts, also buy some new underwear and bras in a larger size.

4. If your morning sickness is happening lesser, the now is the important time to get serious about eating a healthy & nutritious diet, also recommended to take prenatal vitamin every day.

5. Probably you don’t have the need to increase calorie intake per day until your second trimester, but consult your healthcare provider if you feel the needs.

6. If you have pet such as cats, avoid cleaning their litter box, you can get transmitted by toxoplasmosis is a serious parasitic infection by cats, the infection can infect onto your unborn child can cause deformities.

Reason is that the cats were becoming infected after eating rodents, birds, and small animals, and will transmit the infection through their feces.

When Must You Call A Doctor ?

Cramping accompanied with bleeding,
Abnormal Vaginal Discharge Or Odor,
Fever and Chills,
Pain With Urination,
Severe Abdominal Pain,
Severe Nausea With Vomiting.

You are nearly at the end of your first trimester, so it is time to feel relief for many pregnancy women since the growth is getting healthier and faster for your baby.



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