10 Best Tips For Pregnant Mom To Sleep Well, Fast & Easily. **DEEP SLEEP FOR BEST PREGNANCY**

10 Best Tips For Pregnant Mom To Sleep Well, Fast & Easily. **DEEP SLEEP FOR BEST PREGNANCY**
During any stage of pregnancy, it's not unusual to experience with sleep disturbances.

Commonly, this is due to anxiety, stress, hormonal fluctuations, and physical discomfort especially while pregnant.

During pregnancy progresses, you may find it more difficult to get into a comfortable position, or you may have to get up several times throughout the night in order to reduce your increasingly cramped bladder.

Don’t worry, here are the best tips to help you get better & more comfortable during night sleep to allow sufficient rest for your body and mind need during this time.

1. Drinking Water Earlier.

It is very important to drink more water to prevent fluid retention during pregnancy.

So drink about 10 glasses of water during day time, this helps to prevent often night time toilet trips.

2. Keep Physically Active.

By exercising regularly, you can improve blood circulation and help to reduce night time leg cramps.
But remember to avoid exercising late in the day, since exercising will releases adrenaline that can keep you awake at night.

3. Reduce Stress and Anxiety.

Stress and anxiety are main cause of preventing a good night's sleep.

This is why you should talk to a friend or a professional person who can listen and can help you if there are issues in your life that was causing you worry or upset.

4. Have A Fix Sleeping Time.

It is best to ensure routine of consistent, soothing, and comforting evening where you will be able to stay relax and get into sleep with ease.

This includes trying a few soothing routines like having a cup of hot milk or decaffeinated tea, reading a pleasant book, take a warm shower, shoulder massage, or gently brush your hair.

5. Sleeping Position.

When you are at pregnancy stage week 20, it is best to sleep on your left side because this allows the best blood flow to fetus also to your uterus and kidneys.

Pregnant mom also needs to avoid lying flat on your back because the weight of your uterus can compress a major blood vessel which disrupts blood flow to your baby and causing you nausea, dizzy and shortage of breath.

6. Prevent From Heartburn.

You must not lie down for 1-2 hours after a meal in order to prevent from heartburn. If heartburn is a problem, sleep with your head higher on pillows.

You can prevent heartburn by avoiding foods such as spicy, fried, or acidic foods like tomato that can worsen symptoms.

7. Nap As Alternatives.

It is not unusual to not getting enough sleep at night, so you can take a nap to help reduce fatigue. You can find a quiet spot and relax, which helps a lot even only for half an hour nap.

8. Pillow Support.

You can also look for special pregnancy body pillow or a regular pillow to support your body as shown.

The most comfort and correct way is by sleeping on your side with 1 pillow between your knee and another under your belly.

9. Well Balanced Diet.

You should limit from caffeinated drinks and avoid alcohol in order to prevent insomnia.

If nausea is a commonly happening to you, try eating regular bland snacks such as crackers throughout the day.

You should ensure your stomach slightly full to helps keep nausea away.

You are also encouraged to eat a well-balanced diet, this can be found in the playlist at the end of this video.

Beside from diet that benefiting for your health and baby, absorbing the necessary nutrients will help to keep you feeling satisfied that allowing you to sleep more deeply.

10. Ask for Help.

You should consult your doctor for advice if your insomnia or sleeplessness persists.

By following these best tips, you can sleep very soundly than ever and helps to restore your energy you need every day for taking care of yourself and baby’s health.


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